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David woke with a start.

It was dark.

His heart thrummed, and his breath caught in his lungs, seized by a momentary panic. In those seconds, everything was alien to him, the strange sterile smells and the rasp of rough cotton, and the cold breeze that hit his face.

He couldn't remember where he was or what he was doing, and for long moments, it was like he really did have amnesia.

But then it came back to him: infirmary. Nurses. Poison. Antidote. Rakitin. The one true gap in his memory he couldn't reconcile, the missing time, and what he'd been told had happened to him in it.

His shoulders shook, but he drew in a steadying breath. He was fine. The infirmary was secure.

David closed his eyes, and lay back.

A second later, he recalled the cold air he'd felt on his skin.

It had carried with it the smell of night.

Adrenaline surged through him again, and he sat upright in bed, even as pain speared through him, tore at the deep wounds in his chest and back.

He knew he wasn't alone.
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The narrow strip of skin visible through The Pain's mask was uneven, covered in welts long since solidified, like lava flows turned to basalt. Earlier curiosity had prompted Rakitin to take a closer look, but better sense had assured him staring would have been unforgiveably rude. However, now that consideration had been rendered moot. He noted with interest the thin zone of clarity encircling the Cobra's eyes, keeping visibility unobstructed. The damage must have been inflicted by his own companions. The Pain's place at the center of the hive had not come easily.

"I see," Rakitin said grimly.

He thought of the Ocelot boy who had taken Gurlukovich's death so badly. Had he been his lover? Either way, it was obvious he would lash out at anyone who became a convenient target, an outward direction for his pain. No doubt he wasn't alone.

Rakitin let the warning about The Fury pass him by. Warnings about the cosmonaut's madness were thick as flies on the ground. It was none of Rakitin's concern.

They called me mad, I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.

He took the file, and frowned down at it. Dubious legibility was not enhanced by the dim light.

"Would you prefer, er, privacy?" Rakitin said, with a surreptitious glance at Krauss.
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As soon as he heard the news, Krauss grabbed his coat and ushanka and departed his office without so much as a nod to Motte.

It wasn't much, but it was good news. Very, very good news, as far as he was concerned, even if the source was a bit sketchy. He wanted to believe it was all true, wanted to believe that someone had caught a glimpse of the murderer leading his second victim to his death in the caves. And as crazy as the whole story seemed, he found himself believing it, because he could find no reason not to. The source had always been reliable and honest before.

So he searched high and low, near and far for Liadov and Rakitin. A man on a fruitless mission; they were nowhere to be found. The mess hall was full of all the wrong people, the war room was deserted, and the only thing he found in Volgin’s office was Volgin, who glowered at the disturbance.

Half way back to his office, he glanced at his watch, and sighed. Slowly, realization trickled into his stream of thought: their laboratory.

He stopped dead in his tracks, turned, and nearly ran into a GRU lieutenant with his arms full of paperwork. Krauss didn’t even spare the time to mumble an apology.

By the time he reached the little building on the outskirts of the Grad, his bad hip was bothering him much more than he cared to admit to himself. He hurried up to the door though, knocking once, then again when he didn’t get the prompt reply he hoped for.

“Liadov! Ippolit!” He called, leaning against the frame of the door for support. “Are you there? Open the door, it’s Major Krauss.”

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(Attention Cobras, Snake, and those brave enough to risk it)

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